I love this song. It speaks to me.

Those Red Indians have so much in common with my own family.

I’m a Greig/MacGregor. We were called Children of the Mist because when the English government proscribed my ancestors, LITERALLY set a price on our heads, encouraged others to kill us and stole our land- we fought back.

Native Americans have the same history.

In America they were seen as savages.

In Britain, us Scots were the savages.

BUT : My family motto is Royal is MY Race.

Everything falls into place.

Talking about Berlin earlier : one night I was duty with my oppo and we were detailed to clear a Berlin nightclub of pissed up British soldiers. So we did. Two policepeople against 100 merry soldiers.

On the way out, some smashed rando perv goosed me. Not a bum pinch but the whole up the skirt, between the legs grab.

I turned on a breath and gave him a right hook so powerful that it knocked him on his arse. It was natural and instinctive.


I was 20 years old.


We Are Family, Wild Nobility, We are Family.