This is a subject close to my heart. I’ll not explain the real life experiences. Yes. Plural.

Three times now I’ve checked out of live chats from a certain channel because of the live comments.

My bad. When I live chatty’d about Conan Doyle and Victorian Spiritualist Medium Scams….it was too much.

Yes. There are frauds and conmen and greedy, vile, money-grubbing, psycho-bastards. But there is also something higher than that. We dumb it down to intuition or gut-reaction because we don’t have the language to even begin to explain.

It’s a gift we all possess. Ask the mother of a newborn child why she will wake up in the early hours seconds before her baby cries. She’ll be unable to answer.

Real “intuitives” or “seers” or “shamen” rarely advertise their gift. And they NEVER charge money for it.

They are here to help, not to profit.

But that’s just my opinion based on IRL experience.

Money corrupts. And the love of money corrupts ABSOLUTELY.

P.S. I was once invited to go to a local Spiritualist Church. I politely declined to meet a Septic Peg.