Most of our adult lives, my brothers and I have – literally – lived in different countries of the world.

All three of us left home at 17, by choice.

My youngest brother just rang me. Such a great conversation.

Because we’ve never lived inside each others’ pockets, we communicate randomly. But the bonds of childhood are strong.

Chris is 3 and a half years younger than me. Iain is 2 years younger. We shared the trauma of our parents’ turbulent marriage and I was their guide and their enemy, in equal measure.

He and I lived together when I was pregnant with my first son. Son’s father was in Africa for 6 months and my brother became my best friend and punch bag…Pregnant women have moody swings and scary moments!

He (youngest brother) and his wife have chosen me and our brother as LPAs.

The past is over. We are at an age where we need to protect the future.

I’ve had my husband’s Power of Attorney for nearly 30 years…because of the nature of his job.

I could’ve used and abused it. Yet, I’ve NEVER invoked it.

For me, personally, the greatest pains in my life have come from family. Forgiveness of my parents has been my greatest release.

FFS. She was 21 and he 22 when I was born. In Singapore. They had 3 kids in 3 and a half years and had to move every two years.

NEVER place your pain on your family. No matter what they’ve done. It’ll sour you for life. Fact!

Anyone else is fair game :o)

Here endeth the lesson.