1999 was a huge crossroads for us. We were meant to be deployed to Beirut for 2 years but he and me had pee’d off too many people by being #uncontrollable. M’eh.

Our sons were at that age when we had to think long and hard about their Secondary Education. Private school was out, even though H.M.Forces used to pay 90% of the fees. I know this because HE and his two sisters were all sent to private boarding schools aged 11, thus freeing their parentals from mountains of parenting. And they wonder why their kids aren’t close to them!!!

Anyway. I’d loved every single moment of my time at QEGS, the Grammar School in this little town, and gambled everything on my boys passing the 11 plus exam.

If you are not from the UK – check it out.

They both passed and went to the Alma Mater of my brothers and I.

Both of them were less than impressed. Times had changed and so had the education system. But – – they got well and truly educated!

I’m a huge believer in selection like this. Based on ability and not money or influence or knowing the right hands to grease.

A child and I were just talking about Maud, the cat that adopted us. She is a grey and black tabby with yellow eyes and I blurted out – “Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright….who wrote that, son?”

Quick as flash he answered.


Shrug. This may seem very trivial to some but life has many facets and not all them include work, money, struggle, strife and B.S.

Make some time for beauty, yes?