This will make sense eventually :o)

Himself works for ELDC Highways and Byways/Construction – a job requiring many talents.

One thing he can’t do and tells everyone from Boss to workmate that he can’t do is Bricklaying.

Can’t Do. Won’t Do.

We have a small brick wall behind a small supermarket that’s in a small, narrow residential street and every delivery truck has to reverse into the small space behind the supermarket to unload.

This same street is also the only main exit out of the Tesco Supermarket so traffic can get a bit heavy.

Twice in the past 4 weeks, the poor truck driver has reversed to unload and knocked the wall down.


It happened again today so everyone had to u-turn and go down the secret back roads to get out.


Behind me was a small works van with two blokes who were not locals so they shrugged and threw up their arms at me asking…WHERE?HOW?

So I crooked my finger and took them on a magical mystery tour through tiny, windy back streets to get us back on the main road. It was hilarious :o)

Guess who will not be rebuilding this poor, abused brick wall ?!

P.S. I have such great memories of this song.