Aha. There are times when your greatest headache becomes your greatest ally!

I was Cold-Called earlier. Polite young man trying to offer me a new driveway at discount prices.

Him : How old is your driveway?

Me : No idea. This is a Grade 2* Listed Victorian Building.

Him : Thanks for your time. Goodbye.

Laugh out loud.

The Cold Calling is a brilliant Phil Rickman book. The first in a trilogy starring Marcus Bacton, (Holy) Grayle Underhill, Cindy Mars-Lewis and Kelvin Kyte…the puppet.

The last of the three is Night after Night or Big Other.

Talked about this very often here.

Anyhoo – N a N features the spirit of KP. Katherine Parr and centres around a building near Sudeley Castle that she may or may not have visited. Even though her ghost has been seen there.

Here is another of KP’s homes.