We’ve been here about 14 years now and, every time it happens, I feel a great delight.

Our house was built in 1839 but the site goes back many centuries and our 2 acres often throw up unexpected treasures in the shape of bottles, jars, pots etc. The Victorians and before generations used to bury their unwanted/broken pottery or glassware in their gardens. Either the weather or the animals often bring this to the surface.

Many items have been collected and brought indoors but most are extremely resistant to a proper clean. So – I’m chalk painting them.

Above are three of the latest. The creamy coloured one is a local beer bottle, with cap…it says so. But the one next to is from Glasgow (!?) and has spoon full measurements up one side. A medicine bottle maybe.

Gradually this grimy and neglected collection are getting two coats of chalk paint and a rub with sandpaper to bring out the raised designs.

I love gypsophila or baby’s breath. Just one branch, either fresh or dried, looks beautiful in a painted bottle.