Yes. Guttered but also gutted.

Big Swear Words.

We’ll have no trouble cleaning a huge section of our Victorian Cast Iron Guttering this spring. Why?

Because it’s now on the bloody ground!!!

A whole corner of the house has lost it’s gutters. They are so old that they corroded and the recent rain did the rest.


OK. I chose to live in a Grade 2* Listed Building, even though I knew that maintenance would be controlled by some jobsworth bod in the local council.

This is obviously an ongoing issue because all of the gutters that fell when the previous owners lived here have been left on the property. I’ve used them to plant seeds in :o)

Maybe I’ll make some Papiermâché ones, get Himself to pocket a tin or several of official black paint from work and we can do a bodger & badger job.

Ah. Trouble is – the guttering is so high that every single one of us goes whoozy at the thought of climbing a ladder that long.

Nil Desperandum.