And why does an American “Orthodox Christian” INSIST on calling him Yeshua?

Because he bought into the whole J wasn’t invented until the year Blah Blah?

In the UK Yeshua is completely unknown. We call Him Jesus.

And all this from a man who has been publicly praised for his “Christ Consciousness”

I’m all the way with BB and The Trinity. God is not CHRIST. Christ is NOT God.

Check out Tesla and his 3,6,9 mathematics. Or just learn the nine times table on your fingers. It’s a God Given Answer.

WTF is going on here?

Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Mmmmn. Forever I’ve written about Lavinia aka Mother Mary.

Women are only the Holy Virgin or the Sacred Whore.

Catholics believe that Mary was impregnated by the Holy Ghost/Spirit.

Nothing to do with sex or a zillion sperms vs one egg or ovulation (once a month) or periods (once a month) or the life cycle of a fertile woman.

She (Mary) got pregnant by dreaming about an INCUBUS.

Way to go…NOT!

P.S. It’d’ve been much better if that bastard cupboard HAD hit me on the head. At least I could blame something else for my stupidity :o)