Being born into an extremely non-church going family has been a true blessing.

But I’m a Brit ergo a Christian Protestant…after all why did this nation fight so much against the Catholics? Bloody Mary was the exact opposite of her father, Henry VIII.

The quote in the title above is/was a biblical quote, methinks.

Wait a minute……

TippyTap the keyboard….


For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

Another quote about understanding this verse.

The first verse declares that an outcome of whatever does not proceed out of love is noise, meaning absent love, there does not exist any spiritual value for words not spoken in love. This is tantamount to saying preaching to people without love does not produce true discipleship within a Church or in society at large.


To my mind, only those who reject all religious dogma are given the ability to see from above the NOISE.

I’m neither an atheist nor an agnostic. I KNOW there is a Higher, Divine Power so far beyond our heavy, earthly, tainted, trauma-bound selves.

FFS. If we, the people, are the be all and end all of ALL – we are totally effed. In my opinion.

I blaspheme daily. Don’t go to church. Don’t read The Bible. Don’t EVER place an ounce of faith in the Church Militant.

Love is everything. Without Love we are Lost.

The opposite of love is…… FEAR.

I’m a huge fan of C.S. Lewis. He was a members of the Inklings along with J.RRRRRR Tolkien and others.

C.S. Lewis believed in Divine Intelligence. Which – to my simple mind – far outweighs human intelligence.

Rumi taught the difference between Clever and Wise too.

We place so much emphasis on the former and degrade the latter because the former is all about youth, the latter all about old, decay, wrinkles, dotage, returning to child-like, UNFASHIONABLE.

I’m having an excessively ranty day today :o)

P.S. I was once asked what the BEST time of my life was. My Answer – I’VE NOT HAD IT YET.