This is all subjective. Agree/disagree and remind again why I am my one and only follower (?)

For Fomenko and his team to pick out Scotland, a small part of a QUOTE pissy little island UNQUOTE to talk about so many times is quite revealing.

Yes. I am biased. Being Scottish/Viking with a bit of English and a bit of Russian. Shoot me. Again!

There IS something strange and incredibly holy about Scotland. The land speaks to a true soul.

Why was the film HIGHLANDER made? What was (as so many purport to know) Hollywood telling us?

There Can Be Only One.

I’ve used this quote so often and every time have been LOL’d at because y’all think I’m talking about myself.

Nope. Not me. Who the eff am I?

There is a much larger school of research than most have ever encountered that says/believes that “Jesus” and “John the Baptist” were twin brothers.

Cut off the head of one and you destroy the other ?

Anyway – I’ve done this too many times to bother going into details again.

This scene says it all.

Since WHEN was John’s head sewn back on again to make him Satan?

BTW : I love churches and cathedrals and every single one that I enter, in whatever country, I light a votive candle in honour of my loved and lost. It’s an intensely private thing for me.