I had no idea about this until just now.

Having spent the morning sulking after a cupboard decided to fall on top of me (ouch) I may have been indulging in a bit too much TLC!

Anyway. Is It? Isn’t It?

Sad that a body has been found. Speculation is now rife and rampant about it being Nicola’s.

Not a single person on the news media outlets will give a straight answer to anything right now after Nicola’s husband and friend have already been tried and convicted of murder in the court of youtube comments.

Lancashire Police have also been demonised 24/7 for not doing a damn thing right…according to armchair detectives.

Having had actual factual experience as a PolicePerson, I find all public opinion crap happening right now, intensely disturbing.

We spout our opinions on subjects like this in our homes, or maybe in the street with friends. We all have a point of view. But ….WTF?

It’s like going back in history when a physical crime scene, body still there, was open to all-comers.

Shake my head.

Those poor children.