The Cross on Fire is a centuries old Highland Calling to Arms. When a Clan was being attacked, a runner would cover many miles holding this cross to warn his family members.

But. Of course. As always. It’s been abused.

The warning of the Fiery Cross went from saving families from wholesale slaughter to being a symbol of wholesale slaughter.

Louis Theroux. Talked about him the other day. He went where few dare to go. He went into the KKK.

I’m a Highlander by race. This sign means so much to me. Scotland is where His Holy Feet walked. IMO. From research. Red hair? The Missing Years of Jesus? From baby to 30something, he must’ve been somewhere ?

I’m also a reader of Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes. Read The Five Orange Pips published in 1891.

The video below Louis’ video below was banned from UK TV until a handful of years ago. Having grown up with The Professionals. CI5. Bodie. Doyle & Cowley and harbouring a slight secret PASH for Lewis Collins…!

BTW : The nasty actor in The Professional video is Tony Booth. Father of Cherie Booth who is the wife of Tony (Teflon) Booth ex-UK Prime Minister.

Lots of N words :o)