Although – it is pushed on all of us.

DB, my brother-in-law is an only child. His Dad, the lovely Stanley, died quite a long time ago. His mother…….(!) Wow. His mother declared in front of the whole family that when she fell pregnant in her 40’s she did NOT want the child. That child was DB. His Mum is now in her late 90’s and has dementia. Her only family member lives over 200 miles away and gets regular phone calls from the Cornish Police to come and sort her out.

DB is such a good man that he drops everything, bundles his wife and their two dogs into the car for a 4 hour long journey to see his Mum. Who excoriates her only child from dusk til dawn.

Then we are regularly shown “true crime” videos like the one below to push home to us IRL how being kind to others is literally The Road to Hell.

I’m with Neil. We are being taught by our soi-disant (french for so-called!) betters and rulers that LIFE…my life…your life… is of NO VALUE.

Media now rules. We ARE living in the fictional worlds created by H.G. Wells and George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

Whether we like it or not.


Welcome to the POGROM of ALL PRIOR POGRAMS…If y’all so choose.

P.S. My husband volunteered to help out his Boss who has over 200 potholes that need filling and no one to do it. So he and little Roger worked a whole day, 2 hours off, then, what should have been the entire night filling potholes that had been flagged by the residents themselves.

So they get there about 8pm. Do their job and for 5 solid hours are subjected to verbal abuse. By 1am, when a resident came out, fists bunched, veins on neck standing out, face red, teeth bared, threatened to kill them both because they’d woken his children up – they called it a night.