By the last month of December 2019 I’d had as much as I could bear from The Three Blind Mice!


To this day I am banned from all of their channels. Scary Wary – NOT!

All three truly believe that they were amongst the first/the best/the vanguard who put their heads above the parapet.

WTF? All three are still on yt and still gathering subs and fans and acolytes and still singing the same old, same old song.

All complain about being “shadow-banned” or marginalised or abused or badly treated!!!!!!!!!!!!

All three silenced me.

I’m not anything near Owen Benjamin. I’m just a simple housewife and mother in Lincolnshire with a blog that has just one follower…..ME.

Some of us are feared so greatly that we will be either banned or stolen from.

What y’all cannot control, y’all must destroy ?!

Crack On. My memory is vibrant with past insults and lies told by my haters. But then, I am a Highlander-Viking and WE NEVER FORGET.

Oh My Giddy Aunt – I’d know Jim Kerr’s voice anywhere. Simple Minds did another great song – American.