Macbeth belongs in my heart but for the pure, sublime delight of words and how to use them – NOTHING beats Hamlet.

There is Something Rotten in the State of Denmark….and it concerns the death of KING Hamlet and the marriage of his wife, Gertrude, to his brother, Claudius.

I’ve only just watched Neil Oliver’s post from yesterday and could not agree more.

I have an entire room, half a pantry and swathes of the attic rooms filled with old books. We still have original LP’s and CD’s (yesterday youngest son and I found my Stereophonics, Edith Piaf and a Dido CD in the last place I’d ever have looked.)

Shakespeare invented so many new words and phrases that are now every day parts of the English language. That is why he is called THE Bard.

To Sleep…Perchance to dream.

In my opinion, every single psychology student should spend at least a year of their studies delving into The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Therein lies every human emotion, reaction, fear, fantasy, trial, triumph, mistake, serendipity, sleight of hand, betrayal, murder, suspicion, mental illness, narcissist, red flag, lie, TRUTH ever experienced by us all throughout the history of History.


Not where he eats, but where he is eaten.


P.S. So is KenBran!

P.P.S. For Amanda B – Hamlet did NOT marry an Aussie. He was too wise and gorgeous.