Said it before. Say it again. When I was 5 years old I was given a huge book on Greek Mythology for Christmas. From that day to this I’ve loved the subject.

Morpheus was the Greek God of Dreams and Sleep. He also gave his name to a opiate – MORPHINE.

A few years back when my husband had a long-term pain in his abdomen (which he called a lodged onion bhaji – like Delboy in Only Fools) that suddenly EXPLODED, I did the decent thing and rushed him to Lincoln General Hospital. Unfortunately, as he was being probed and processed, a motorbiker was brought in for Emergency Surgery after an horrific crash so Himself had to wait 24 hours for his appendix-ectomy.

Even the doctor apologised after the operation. The appendix had, in fact, exploded and embedded itself all over. So – no keyhole surgery, a full gut opening had to be done.

The upshot of all this was liquid morphine. OMG. He even asked for a lifetime supply to take home because he’d loved it so much :o)

Anyhoo. From FACT to fantasy.

Oh. BTW : I’ve never seen this film and have zero wish to watch because I don’t need to be opiated by B.S.