I had a full on rant today about the utter uselessness of being a good, law-biding, honest, caring person. Why?

Because we, like almost all of our class in British Society, are being brought to our knees by the evil of others. I actually said, out loud, we are being given very little reason to live right now.

I don’t give a flying feck about suspish train wrecks in Ohio or what plastic surgery Nicole Kidman has had done or if Meghan Sparkle is a money-whore or even whether we went to the Moon or not. This means NOTHING to me.

Right now, my husband is working himself into an early grave to keep the money-grubbing wolves from our door as his family have to make a daily choice between warmth or food.

My library shelves have quotes written on them. Many from a man called Rumi.

My God. I need his wisdom today.

I will NEVER crawl through life. I’m not a worm. FACT!