If you know Louis Theroux’s work, you know Louis Theroux.

He’s a non-threatening British bloke who made many programmes on the weirdest subjects imaginable.

He went to American Evangelist Churches and volunteered to be “faith healed.” He investigated plastic surgery and underwent liposuction. He explored the world of American Swingers and watched (and it was broadcast) husbands watching their wives (and Vice Versa) being banged by others. OMG. He even conducted an interview with a couple as they were having sex in front of the entire crew.

This is a man who comes over as a bit geeky, a bit diffident, a bit awkward and a bit “ordinary.”

The exact opposite of today’s Demonic Masculine.

And yes. I’ve done all the flashtags. The M3, the Rolex, the Manolo Blahnik and Armani. It was fun. For a minute. Just expensive accoutrements shielding a woman who’s much more comfortable with her homely stuff. Slippers. Wood burner. Rayburn. Hot water bottle. Oh – and the peoples who live with me :o)

The demise of Andrew Tate on a public stage is equivalent to Amber Heard being publicly exposed as the Karmic Feminine.

These people can’t hide behind their wealth and fame any longer. They cannot set themselves up as “influencers” of modern life.

I’m so much like Louis. There HAS to be a deep, deep core of morality and humility and honesty and EMPIRICAL experience of the Dark Side. Those who KNOW this are the real teachers, the real influencers, the REAL VALUE in life.

As soon as you buy a Bugatti it loses value. Every time you drive it and show off your wealth or manliness or brilliant image aka success, it loses value. Spend £1,000,000 on a car and the next day it’s worth is negligible.

Grow a geranium plant and you can cut and plant and grow and create a million other geranium plants.

Where do YOUR values sit?

Just asking !

P.S. Give me a pen and piece of paper and I can change the world.