I watched this a while back but the time was not right to share it here.

Today the time is right.

Our Rayburn has run out of juice. So I checked the price of 500 litres. YAY! we paid over £500 in December. It’s now under £400.

But our utility bills have gone up £700.

Dagnabbit. Always playing catch up.

By all standard statistics I am a LOSER.

Housewife. Mother. No job. No wage. No influence. No clout. Basically a Worthless, pointless, Useless No-Thing.


I told Himself that I’m getting a job that’s very highly paid. He laughed himself senseless and then pointed out that after all my excuses – I’ve got a headache/Too tired/My fingernail hurts/Don’t Go THERE/It’s the wrong time of the month etc – I’d make less than nothing as a street-walker.