Disappointed to see TRIAL by Youtube from a person I trust and like.

The stats are rising. The chat has long passed the time when I was the only live chatter.

An ongoing UK missing person investigation now has “spirit guides” condemning the husband/partner. A great way to dodge litigation.

Yes. We ended the death penalty in 1965 but there are so many ways to die.

J’Accuse…everyone of being an armchair expert.

And I can include myself in that. Sadly. Even though I understand the value of human life :o(

A hot, muggy New York City… Twelve white-male jurors try to reach a verdict in a murder trial — a case involving a Puerto Rican teenager from the slums who is accused of knifing his father to death. Eleven jurors agree that the defendant is guilty…but one man, believing the boy is innocent, sets out to convince the other jurors he’s right by building a case for acquittal.