This happens sometimes and it’s something that I can’t control.

A massive weeping fit. No idea why, I just started crying my heart out.

It’s like something has broken, somewhere, for some reason, and the impact just reached me.

I’m a weirdo.

But a special kind of weirdo :o)

P.S. No.5 – I’ve always blamed this trait on being a Sagittarian, or a Scottish Highlander. Ooops. It’s just about being unable to tolerate and be quiet about disgusting/cruel/malicious/fake/masked/vile actions of others…to anyone. Not just to me.

P.P.S. No.8 – A constant complaint in this house is that I NEVER sit still. Constantly up and down and doing. That’s because I go to do something, get side-tracked into doing 3 other things, sit down and then remember the first thing! It annoys me too.

No.10 – Aha! My greatest failure….sob. It tends to lead to a #ban.