Enough time has passed now (a shade below 5 years for me) to reveal any and every Hidden Agenda operating in a certain (TINY) section of youtube.

Hand on Heart – my own “agenda” was/still is entirely transparent. Not a damn thing hidden.

I came to share my work, my views, my life, my journey.

I was accused of trying to be a “Leader” of all. Or of lying. LARPing. Botting (?) Trolling. Undermining.

Yes – there was a Hidden Agenda but…IT WAS NOT MINE.

So many are still doing exactly the same as they did 5 years ago and gathering more and more disciples to their cause.

I’ve lived through a mass migration of reasonably sane and competent people into the realms of ALTHIST as taught today.

All I’m seeing is a parade of limp and tatty Victory Banners waiting for a wind of change to blow in and start some movement.

Tartaria/Tartary…indeed, much of History… is now a gilded version of Disneyland or (on the flip side) another attempt at a Russian Takeover of the World.

We’ve gone from gnawing on huge cow thigh bones to slitting the soft bones of white fish into a million pieces.

How pathetic!