This concept has fascinated me for many decades. I wrote about it in 2019…


Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept.

It means:

Perfect Imperfection

That’s what we all are :o)


My pinterest board is filled with wonderfully derelict buildings being reclaimed by nature.

It’s a style of furniture that I adore – a bit knocked about, a bit old, a bit shabby.

Embracing Wabi Sabi is a wonderful way to live. I’ve never been one to spend hours in front of a mirror making sure that I look perfect. Perfect teeth, perfect eyebrows, perfect skin, perfect make-up, perfect hair. Jeebus. Who has the time? Especially when you live with kids and/or animals!

My husband has just tried to give my midriff liposuction with Henry the Hoover. I howled with laughter….He’d have to get through my paint, soot, coal, dust, food encrusted apron first :o)