My shop was called Libertine.

Not after the Earl of Rochester but because Libertine once meant a “freed slave.”

Ask anyone about this word now and they’ll all say the same thing. Even though they don’t know anything about Rochester.

When we started our international security company, my husband stole the name of my shop…with my consent.

4 years later we employed a UK office manager who vehemently hated the name of the company and all the connotations that word brought to the world so he demanded that we rename it.

A Libertine is also a freethinker from 17th century France. Ninon D’Enclos (famous courtesan) and Moliere (a famous playwright) were called Freethinkers.

How does HISTORY impact our world today?

Am I stating the bleeding OBVIOUS?

P.S. The Johnny Depp fake nose is there because Rochester, allegedly, died of syphilis (the too much sex disease) aged 33 and so had his nose tweaked.