My Parents’ Daughter!

Mum loved Historical novels. Dad read true crime but also Dennis Wheatley.

When my brothers and I cleared our Dad’s flat after he’d died, I only took two things away. His Royal Marine Commando Zippo (which my youngest son now has) and a very strange brass Asian statue, small enough to fit into the palm of a hand. This weird thing had been rubbed so often that part of it was worn away. His lucky charm?

I’ll never know.

I’m a reader and writer of History. Also a huge fan of Horror Fiction.

Way back in 2019 I named a youtube “truther” couple as written in the title above.

Still standing by it. The churchian boy and Satan’s fave child. Both of whom revelled in banishing me to the Hell of Obscurity. FACT.

Though their story has now changed. I am publicly the troll and the stalker. Heyho.

Christopher Lee was a fascinating man. During the War (II) he was an intelligence officer who worked closely with the S.O.E

See previous post about Violette Szabo.

He’d seen the faces of Hell and Death in real life and became fascinated by the Dark Side.

We know him best as an actor. Hammer Horror films and such. But when you listen to him talk about his own personal journey…