I’ve neither the time nor the will to investigate the source of this.

A couple of days back my husband had seen something on the internet that he just had to tell me about because he knew exactly how I’d react.

It was a man, now a fully-fledged woman, complaining about how hard he/she had worked to become a “real” woman. All the pain. The trauma. The ridicule. The misogyny. The under-valuing.The sexism.


Apparently women have it easy because they are born with a womb.


From the age of 11 until my early 40’s I SUFFERED with the curse. Some months the pain was so bad that I could barely walk. The mood swings. The temper tantrums. The embarrassment of flooding.

If you’ve never watched Carve Her Name with Pride or know nothing about Violette Szabo – may I humbly recommend.

Virginia McKenna was sublime in the film. She paid full honour to this Anglo-French woman who was executed by the Nazis.