GiddyAunt. I’ve been sitting on this for days without a squeak or a snark but…my dearly beloveds are paying the price :o(

So in order to save them from my messed up messy mind, I’m going to write it out.

The Hindenburg Disaster, Mandela Effect, Atlantis, NPC’s, yet more horses and buggies and a BIG word with a BIG meaning.

Five years later and we are still being served up shit sandwiches by the youtube “truther” “woke” “ascended” creators and their posees.


Ooh. We should stop treating others as NPC’s and lesser.

That’s like flicking a grain of sand at the back of someone’s head. Hardly a MAN punch.

Mmmn. No video, just a sneaky little community comment from someone who was perfectly cool with his female mods discarding, insulting, deleting, banning all and anyone who was not in their little SPECIAL gang.

Along with the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, I have had The Art of War by Sun Tzu for half a life time.


God Save Me from the waft of a limp hand!!!