I have my own Dangerous Brian. He’s a spouse of, like me and not really liked much by “the family.”

He’s my brother-in-law, married to my traveller-in-crime and one of the very few people in my entire life with whom I can have a discussion. As in not a slanging match/argument/fight.

We’ve known each other almost 40 years now and I really enjoy talking to him. We actually listen to each other’s point of view, discuss our own personal points of view and always end up laughing.

Isn’t that a treasure?

I think so.

I’ve gone to him so many times for legal advice. He was a South Wales Police Officer for many years and before that in the R.A.F.

He was always total non-conformist, like me, until the family broke his spirit and made him vax to the max. Even though he has Type 1 Diabetes.

It saddens me to see him as no longer that larger than life personality who can hold an audience with hilarious stories full of different voices and expressions and actions.

He and she met in HongKong when they were both members of a British Military Drama Group. Perfect.

I had an Army wife friend who was also a Man’s woman. She said she hated sitting with other wives and talking about Chickens and Curtains. As in – the best way to roast a chicken and the best curtains to have in a home.

I’d love to talk to BB. He’d be the same DB, I guess. Clear, Concise, Tolerant and a Bloody Good Listener but never a pushover.