I closed my shop in 2006 and refused to give away the wool that I sold.

I bought and sold only natural yarns. Yes, they were expensive but worth it.

My stock moved here with me and over the last 17 years I’ve made good use of it and never thrown away the extras/waste.

Ergo – A huge amount of small balls of various yarns in various colours that could’ve been dumped in a landfill.

But no. About a month ago I collected them all, tied them together and started to crochet a blanket.

It’s now HUGE.

Whatever physical object we create can outlive us.

My home is full of these crazy woollen things. My boys still have the ones that I made them when they were little kids. Our dog and cats loved their blankets.

I may never have grandchildren to inherit this stuff. I don’t know.

My boys may give away all my creations (though I doubt that)

I used to battle with knitters in the shop about what colour goes best with what colour. My reply – Nature contains all colours. Look at a meadow of flowers and ask it the same question.

How to lose friends and not influence people. Laugh out loud :o)

When this project is finished, I predict a fight over who owns it. It’ll be big enough to cover double bed.