Correct me if I’m wrong (!!) but this song was written in the late 1980’s.

The ’80’s. Wow. The decade of success at any cost. The Yuppies and Merchant Bankers (Cockney rhyming slang for Wankers) and huge Mobile Phones and BIG Hair/cars/houses etc.

I worked in a bank in the ’80’s. In charge of a zillion current accounts and one day I had a loan interview with a man. So we sat in a private room and I asked him all the required questions and then gave him the “official” answer. He cried. God’s Honest. He literally burst into tears in front of me. He was about to lose his home because he could not pay his mortgage.

I felt so bad but….obviousness prevailed. He’d bought a house that they could not afford and image/reputation/lifestyle was just too important


We’ve all been there, done that. That good old I WANT feeling.

I’ve posted about Want vs Need before. And yes – I learned the hard way too. When it was all taken away.

Ooooh. Eddi Reader & Boo Hewerdine wrote a brilliant song called The Wanting Kind :o)