GoodGrief. I’m such a simpleton.

I get a knock at the front, open it, and find a Huge Bald Man there and his EON van.

EON is our electricity supplier and he’s asking me questions about our smart meter.

It’s a long story that started about 8 years ago when we were finagled into getting a “Smart” meter fitted to run the electricity to the stables and pigsty.

Right now the bill is almost £400 but the electricity has not been “live” for almost 6 years. So this bill is just a “standing charge.”

OK. I admit. I was ready to battle but the huge, scary man was brilliant. He asked me questions. I answered honestly. I showed him the outbuildings and the looped wires that were not connected to the grid.

We chat. I feel stupid. Then he does actually scare me…!

He said ” I’ll just turn off my bodycam.”


I’d been recorded all that time? Having just cleaned and lighted the wood burner, with soot on my face, my apron, my slippers and wearing mad hair????

Heyho. I asked why he was switching his extremely intrusive device off.

Oh. Right. Because he was paying me back in kind. With absolute honesty. He even told me how so many people nowadays have learned how to bypass their meters and never pay a penny.

He also gave me some extra extremely helpful advice. Yay :o)

P.S. I don’t have a cricket bat. I have a croquet mallet though…and the thought might’ve crossed my mind for a split second :o)