Yay. Good news.

I love the first few seconds of this…with the huge picture of the elephant in the room.

When J.C. was sacked by the BBC, May and Hammond presented the last show without their comrade and talked about QUOTE : The Elephant In The Room : UNQUOTE

Love him or hate him, Clarkson (who has no OFF button) has been a force for good. This series proves it. He’s highlighted the plight of UK farmers and their never-ending battles with red-tape.

I completely understand his stance on Local Council Legislation. Been there. Done that.

When we began the renovation of our stables I was visited by the Head of Lincolnshire County Council’s Heritage Buildings Dept.

He poo-pooed all our plans and told us that, because we live in a Grade 2 (star) Listed Building we could only renovate the building back to “original use.”

So I said – “We can replace the roof, reinstate the coach house doors, buy a pony and trap to travel in, re-connect the place with original Victorian gaslights and put hay in the hayloft, then?”

Ooooh. 8 years later and we are still bound by red-tape and rules and regs.

BUT. We ignored them all :o)

Much like J.C.