Back in 2019 a youtube truther was publicly given the mantle of Christ Consciousness. Why?

Because he quoted the Bible.

Because he prayed in his videos.

Because he was hailed as a Saviour/Truther.

This made me so angry. SO ANGRY that I hit out at the entire community.

Much to my shame and regret.

Christ Consciousness is just a title given to a process. It is NOT religious. It IS spiritual.

We can only come to this place of healing, trust, faith and acceptance after we’ve walked the walk of shame.

After we’ve been publicly denounced, publicly shamed, publicly crucified.


When you find yourself lying on a cold stone floor, crying your heart out and wondering if you can EVER survive these “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” do we BEGIN to understand the journey.

This is not something that you can ignore/bypass/lie about/deny/pretend happened.

It WILL change you forever.

It’s called (nowadays) The Great Awakening.

So many pretend that they are “woke.”

Pretend that they are Lazarus.

Yet they still cling to image and status and money and rank and public adoration.

“The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”

Maybe it has been easier for me because my parents and grandparents are dead. So are some of my friends.

My in-laws try to control me. But they are so many steps removed from my life that it all bounces off into nothingness.