This was part of my traveller-in-crime and my European Vacation.

We did Paris first. Got mugged. Spent too much time in the British Consulate and with Gendarmes and our driver did NOT turn up to take us to Charles de Gaulle Airport for the flight (on Emergency Passports) to Italy.

So we hired a taxi driver and arrived as the plane was boarding.

Ah. La Bella Roma. Day one, The Colosseum – where a local guard refused to talk to me because I was English.

Day Two – The Vatican.

And eff me. Il Papa was away on holiday :o(

In my entire life there has NEVER been a single Catholic in our extended family. We are ALL Brits. Protestant.

I’ve searched for a scene from The Vicar of Dibley that is now unavailable but which I know was broadcast.

Geraldine (Dawn French) the Anglican Vicar of Dibley did the sign of the cross in church with the words….

Milk. Milk. Lemonade. Round the corner Chocolate’s made.

God’s Honest.

Anyhoo. The Vatican Tour was amazing. Saw the big pineapple aka pineal gland.


Sistine Chapel.

Rodrigo Borgia’s rooms.

And much more.

Then all of St Peter’s Basilica. With The Pieta and Christine of Sweden’s Tomb and …and….and…Swiss Guards.

An American mother and son connected with us and quoted Biblical Texts all the way round.

Milk Milk Lemonade etc.