I always knew it as Place Royale and was determined to visit No.6. In the early 1600’s this was one of the de Rohan family homes.

Having written almost a million words about the life and times of Marie de Rohan (covering the years 1622 – 1679 but only publishing the first in the series, 1622 to 1625 because no one would even think of punting on me) – I had to visit. Her main home had been demolished in the rampage of Baron Haussmann and his deviant town planning exercise for Paris.

SO – when my traveller-in-crime and I started our European vacation, I made her come with me.

WTF? So the exact same building had also been the home of Victor Hugo ? No one told me :o(

But Herself was in heaven…being a life-long musical theatre fan. With Les Mis at the tippy top of her fave list.

We even got to see the original manuscript of Les Mis.

OK. I don’t know much about this musical – just one song.

It was sung by a dowdy woman in Glasgow.