Y’all’ll have to use a bit of imagination here. OK?

Gibraltar. Ladies Darts Team.

RMP Wives vs Navy Wives vs RAF Wives.

We’d rotate around everyone’s Mess for the matches.

The mess (also called a mess deck aboard ships) is a designated area where military personnel socialize, eat and (in some cases) live

The Royal Military Police Wives Darts Team were famous.

None of us were mathematicians so couldn’t keep score.

All of us laughed and drank and smoked too much.

Few of us could actually hit the dart board.


We collected the WORST team trophy two years in a row :o)

Standing on the oche, darts in hand, serious face on and then asking the crowd if your bum looks big in these jeans is not a good vibe.

P.S. We have a darts board in our converted pig sty. Every hole in the wall around the board has been tagged and named. Guess who won that one ? ? ?

Football? This reminds me so much of that time.

Laugh Out Loud.