Imagine this. A single mother takes her kids to school. Stops off to do the daily shop. Returns home to find……she has had her house broken into and a smart meter fitted by a bunch of strangers. Without permission.

Sounds too stupid to be true?

Sadly. It’s true.

A reporter went undercover recently and took a job with British Gas, He secretly filmed a bunch of thugs – sorry – Gas fitters illegally entering a targeted property and fitting a smart gas meter.

British Gas “targeted” single women with kids, old age pensioners, disabled and other vulnerables.

The reporter filmed them picking the locks, doing their “job” and wandering around the homes, laughing and bitching about how the inhabitants live.

In 2008 I was burgled during the night. I had three teenage boys asleep, I was sparked out after a few days of sickness and my husband was in Iraq.

The utter horror and trauma that caused me, knowing that a drugged-up stranger had been inside my home, was unbelievable.

WHO the eff gave the order for British Gas to do this? And why has there been no recourse in law? When will the/they/them stop this gangbang?