Something I’ve done many times.

Seed pearls are a favourite of mine… to thread through embroidery, but they are so tiny, need an extremely thin needle and are annoying. I also love Bohemian Glass Beads.

Sometimes my thread is not strong enough for the beads. It snaps and then it’s back to the beginning, but never quite the same.

History is all about threading beads. Life and truth too.

Like EVERYTHING, beads need a Strong foundation thread or else they all escape and run everywhere. Willy Nilly.

Sowing (Sewing) The Seeds of Love

Early on in the video, one visual effect shows the iconic symbol from the back of a US $1 bill, the pyramid with the glowing eye on top. This spooky-looking occult symbol is called “The Eye of Providence,” and it goes all the way back to ancient Egypt (look up the “eye of Horus”) and Buddhism; the Freemasons didn’t grab onto it until the 1700s, so it is not original with them, as is commonly misconceived. Other religious symbolism includes spinning Buddhas and Egyptian Ankhs, plus a sort-of Pagan-looking sun. The stylishly produced video was cutting-edge for 1989, which didn’t hurt its popularity a bit.