I have several gripes about language from both an historical and a personal view.

Yesterday I was having a rant in front of my eldest and stuttered f-f-f-f-f-fluff.

MOTHER! How Very Dare You Swear at me!

Do’y’know, my parents worst swear words were bloody, bugger and shit.

They NEVER EVER said any really BAD swear words in front of my brothers and I.

I was in my 50’s before I said the really bad C word out loud.

Three historical languages were suppressed. The Gaelic. Cymric. Occitan. These are the ones that I’ve had most contact with via research.

Anglo-English is now degrading into American-English. If I hear one more Brit Millennial youtuber use GOTTEN, I’ll scweam and scweam until I’m sick. The amount of times I’ve corrected my sons when they call our broadband router a ROW-ter. As in : Rout, defeat and cause disorder. ROWT.

Route, a course or way. ROOT.

We say ROOTER. So there!

Now the Cambridge Dictionary is redefining our…my… language.

I was told over ten years ago by a bloke who was my office manager that men and women were all the same to him. Women just had lumpy sweaters.

Maybe that should go in the dictionary. Men = lumpy trousers, woman = lumpy sweaters.