I’d never heard of this man until my husband mentioned him and then I watched BB talking about him.

About 2019 (much to my shame) I sent a personal email to a male youtube content creator in the “truth” community saying _and I self-Quote _ If that’s the way you treat women, it’s no wonder you’re single.

But yup. This “man” thought it was pretty funny to abuse a female stranger online. And then let all his Harem take that abuse to wider audiences. As he banned and silenced me and laughed at his useful idiots’ actions.

This man, below (!) is the very worst of MANHOOD.

I still don’t know who he is but I now know some of the stuff that he’s done.

WhyTF does he speak in a kinda/sorta Ali G voice?

Sacha Baron Cohen is married with kids. He’s controversial too but NOT like this.

Thank God that my boys are now grown men. My great-nephew is 8 years old. Is this HIS manly role model?

Domestic Violence is something that I grew up with. It’s vile. It gives a child a lifetime of pain.

Are we being tricked here? When gender racism is the battle du jour, why are so few ignoring this piece of utter shit?

He doesn’t even belong in this 3D world. He’s 1D. A douche-bag.
Like so many other men….

…but not all. Some are wonderful.

There’s just not enough of them !