From the age of 13 or so I’ve been very interested in Joan of Arc. I’ve studied her story all these many years. Why?

Because I too was given a message at that time. This message has been posted here before. Around 2019.

And – bloody hell – the backlash was BRUTAL.

Back in 2008/9, I was contacted by a man who’d worked closely with Virginia Frohlich, the founder of the Joan of Arc Centre in America. He was passing on a message from his boss, telling me that she liked the work I’d been doing on Joan.

I was stunned and grateful.

As of 2010, I’d collected virtually every book ever written about Joan and her story. Supplemented by books from Charles d’Orleans to The Burgundy Clan to Henry V to Gilles de Rais to Yolande d’Aragon to Rene d’Anjou to Cardinal Beaufort.

The film below has always been a favourite. It’s flawed in so many ways but the title is superb.

Joan or Jehanne as I’ve come to know her, was just that. A Messenger.

Her story is my story. From peasant roots to absolute conviction of a higher mission, to battle, to failure, to more battles, to capture, imprisonment, trial, judgement and eventually a HERETIC’S DEATH at the stake.

Much like those Cathars who placed their lives in the Church Triumphant and NOT the Church Militant.

Jehanne was canonised in 1920. 500 years after her death. Until after World War I, the Catholic Church had decided to forget that she’d ever existed.