Woah. Vegas has nothing on Skeggie – the gambling capital of Lincolnshire.

When I left home at 17, my Dad accepted a police posting to Skeg. My poor brothers were torn from their mates and QEGS to attend Skegness Grammar School.

At 18, my father daughter-napped me from London on my mother’s instructions (he just happened to be on a course at Hendon Police College) and I spent the next 18months living at home and working in Skeg. Holiday Camp. Restaurant. Hotel Restaurant.

Skegness has its positive points. FFS. I went back there at 21 to get married. My husband-to-be loved the place and we both became Bingo Experts :o)

But. This is not the place I once knew.

Every other house is a huge Victorian place divided in rentals for locals or B&B for holiday makers. It’s now crowded with asylum seekers and a rising crime rate.


See Skeg-Vegas and then see Lol’s views on Britain today.

P.S. My younger brother and I would go out every Friday night to The Tower Cinema, regardless of the film showing. It was wonderful. I’ll never forget his giggles watching Blazing Saddles. So infectious.