This is a great channel. Reacting to my Roots.

Ya man obvious has Brit DNA and he’s exploring his ancestry via videos.

This one made me laugh out loud. The Chippy is an institution here. “Every city has a Fish and Chip Shop” he says.

Nope. It’s virtually every TOWN. Our little market town has two. And Skeg-Vegas has dozens.

I’m a hater of all fishy food but the chippy gives so much more. Sausage. Battered sausage. Pies. Saveloy. Baked Beans. Mushy Peas. Gravy. Curry Sauce. And the best of all – scraps or scrumps. These are the bits of fried batter that escape and are scooped up and given as an extra when asked for. They will serve you the meal open or wrapped.

Oh. And if you live in villages with no nearby Chippy, there used to be a man with a van who’d stop and fry for you.

OMG. A bag of chips, doused in salt and malt vinegar with some curry sauce all served open in paper with a wooden spork. Heavenly :o)

P.S. Such a shame that they no longer use old newspapers. They added to the taste !

No more “today’s news will be tomorrow’s fish and chip paper. Sigh.