I’ve posted this short film before.

Last time I did this back in 2019/20 wannabes appeared calling themselves Will O the Wisp in live chats. This has happened so often that I KNOW I’m not psychotic.


We have no natural gas pipes to our little village although my house still has many of the Victorian GASLIGHT fittings still on the walls. And the stables still have the iron work that carried the gas to the house. Which was – in fact – COAL GAS.

That’s why we can’t put our heads in a gas oven anymore like they did in those old Black & White films.

1975. Natural Gas. WOW! Saviour of the Universe.

Side note : Gas in the UK does not mean petrol. Two very different things.

Way back in the early 20th C Alfred Watkins , of Ley Line Fame, was also a dowser/diviner.

My husband works now with 2nd/3rd generation dowsers every day.

When they dig trial holes, the utility pipes are so close to the surface that they have to be very careful. Breach a water pipe – instant sacking from the job. Breach a gas pipe – if you survive, instant sacking. Breach an electricity cable and you’ll be fried and then sacked.

So his work mates dowse. With proper rods.

Yes, they were laughed at in the beginning. Now they are valued.

There is zero scientific Big Boy Back-Up info for dowsing. It’s not even acknowledged by 99.99999% of people.

And yet…………!

BTW : Dowsing is not just about water. It’s about ALL energy. Supernatural, Natural and Unnatural.