No matter what we choose to believe, this shift of our world has been spoken about for a very long.

The “modern” title is The Great Awakening.

A time foretold when we become much more mindful of others and nature and harmony and unity.

Ergo : If we little people know about this, then, so do THE OTHERS.

I won’t go into the difference between the 3D and the 5D. I’m not an expert. And the entire is subjective and truly personal.

But we all know about Historical Figures who have transcended the mundane and connected to a higher vibe. The are labelled mystic, messiah, prophet, seer, wise ones, shaman, witch, oracle, elder, god, goddess etc.

More and more of us are “waking” up to the muck of this 3D world. The power games. The wars. The inequality. The slime. The desperation. The over-inflated sense of entitlement. The brutality.

And what happened just as this NEW EARTH or whatever you want to call it was dawning?

The World Wide Web.

Even Sir Walter Scott hinted at it.

We no longer have structure or security or trust or safety or salvation. Because the WEB has diluted, inverted, coerced, programmed, infiltrated, side-swiped and corrupted the message that we all intuitively feel.

We are no longer encouraged to share but to take. Not to love but to hate. Not to have faith but to have disbelief. Not to tell an “inconvenient truth” but to lie. Not be individual but to morph into one shape.

Forget the Law Courts. We are all now arrested, sentenced, judged and executed by public opinion.

New Earth or The Age of Aquarius or The Great Awakening IS about us all coming together. But NOT this way.

We’ve become our own worst enemies. Hence the rise in suicides.

If a girl like me with not much to offer apart from an ingrained need to support and help and (maybe) teach others can be so viciously abused by so many strangers – what hope is there for anyone?

P.S. At least I’ve had the spirit to survive and continue instead of crumble. And – I will NEVER be someone else’s doormat. Try to destroy me and mine and you WILL be called out.