OK. Not so daily but unbearably (sometimes) relatable to MY life and MY opinions.

Who’d’ve thunk.

My step-Grandad, George, was a fisherman. He met my Nan on his annual fishing trip to the Norfolk Broads when they were both in their 40’s and at the damaged end of their bloody, spiteful and life-changing divorces.

George was such a beautiful human being. A calm man. A kind man. A loving man.

And an extremely patient man. Such vivid memories of him down at the back of his garage showing me how to tie fishing flies when I was a child. He’d let me make up my own shapes and colours even though he knew that I hated the thought of fishing. I still can’t bear it.

The recent Public Health Experiment, as Lol, calls it. Not a single person around me had the guts to walk into any public building unmasked. It got to the point where my sons refused to go out with their Mother because I’d end up in an argument with someone.

This most recent abuse came rushing back to me today in the Post Office.

My husband has always treated the ladies behind the Royal Mail Post Office counter with fresh cakes whenever he goes in there. He did it today and, being there, I saw what happened for the first time. Our lovely P.O. ladies are subjected to many an insult, day in, day out. They are overworked and expected to take the blame for everything wrong with Her…sorry….HIS Maj’s postal service.

Just this one act of kindness and appreciation means everything to them. Especially after being denied it for over the past 2 years.

Just a couple of £’s spent on a few cakes from the local bakery.

Sometimes the smallest of actions makes another person’s day much better. Like a smile, or a free cake, or a friendly hug or a shared laugh.

The most important word in the sentence above is SHARED.

Lol doing his thing. Even though he’s been publicly shamed and humiliated and crucified for speaking out.

I LOVE anyone who can do that. BB is an incredibly positive driving force. Neil Oliver too. And Laurence….just needing a few more girl warriors out there, folks :o)