Got the t-shirt!

My earliest brush with this was when I was about 13 years old. A close friend, Sarah-Jane, had an 11 year old brother who’d hanged himself at home.

Dave, our postie, is regularly off work as he copes with his teenage daughter’s suicide attempt.

BFF’s son tried it too. Which was so frightening because her younger brother, a wonderful human being, died by suicide in the wastelands outside Hollywood. Fact. I loved him so much. He was also an empath.

I was saved. By the Grace of God or Divine Law or a Higher Power.

That’s why I can be so strong and fearless now.

Look. Life IS shit sometimes. But it’s also beautiful and glorious and grand and magical.

The Wheel of Fortune is always on the turn. The sun will always rise. The plants will always come back. We are ALWAYS loved.

But we have to learn to LOVE OURSELVES first. If we can’t do that – who will ?