I’m not a one for sitting on the floor humming Ohm for hours.

Or kneeling in a cold, draughty church praying.

MY spiritual practices are much more “user friendly.”

Sometimes music will keep me still and thoughtful. Reading a really good book. Watching a film. Planting seeds. Painting. Knitting. Lighting the fire. Lying in a scented bubble bath. Stroking a pet. Those glorious moments between awake and asleep or asleep and awake. Swimming in the sea.

Or even something as trivial and mundane as doing the washing up.

It’s all about being present and focusing.

Being a writer I’ve gone through some truly weird stuff. I’d get my boys ready for school. Do the shopping. Prep the meal and then sit and write.

Only “waking up” 4 or 5 hours later.

Whatever our passion or profession is, we CAN get let go of everything. All ego. All fears. All worries. All doubts. ALL nonsense.

Nirvana is that small, still, SILENT space where we are at one with EVERYTHING & NOTHING.