I’ll admit to having a soft spot for Laurence. I loved his character, Hathaway, in the Inspector Morse spin-off series Lewis.

He’s become something of a “campaigner” or “truther” now.

Why did I watch this?

Because of real life circs. We are being threatened every other day by our electricity company. Letters and letters and letters. Several a week.

Pay us £2,000 and a bit more for 2 months worth of electricity or we WILL add an extra £10 a week until you do.

It’s just come out that the shareholders and Big Bosses of UK Electricity Companies are being paid millions of pounds each in bonuses.

Where is the justice in that?

When ordinary families are living in the cold and the dark and utter fear.

I still call BLACKMAIL. Or Demanding Money With Menaces.


Where is the leadership? Where are the fighters? Where is Robin Hood when you need him?